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2013 FOALS

2013 Foals - have started to arrive. The first, Rathowen Couture, by Turberry Tom Kitten (Imp.) from the beautiful Considerations of Rathowen (Courtland Boy-Blue (Imp.) X Thoughtful Miss) a very promising chestnut colt with a star and stripe and one sock behind.  Very active and a lovely mover. He has found a brilliant home with the Harris/Wiseman families of Brownsville, who own and show the lovely Rathowen Columbine, winner of the Pacific Coast Championships on more than one occasion. 

Second baby, Rathowen Touch-Me-Not, another colt but this time very dark bay with a large star and dribble, and also one white sock behind.  This is by Rathowen By George and from Touchstone of Rathowen, (photo below ) dam of Martine Duncan's well performed Rathowen Touchwood, and also Double TT Stud's Rathowen Touch of Fame (photo below also.)  Photos of foals will be available soon. 

Then came Diva's black colt Rathowen Dressed in Black by also by Turberry Tom Kitten, a real show pony in the making.  Such a vibrant, active boy with plenty of movement and pizzazz.  He was followed closely by a tiny very active bundle of fun we called V8, from By Virtue of Rathowen  - the only Clancy foal this year - a dark bay minute baby boy, very brilliant mover and very pretty.

So, after four boys we were delighted when Maggie (Sudden Impact of Astral) presented us with a baby girl - yes, a bay filly, with an enormous white star but no other trimmings at all.  This was also by George, and was most welcome to the ranks.   She has been registered as Rathowen Suddenly a Star, but will be called Georgina - a show quality small galloway in the making.


2011  FOALS - All have found new homes.

First foal of this season has arrived - an attractive leggy bay colt, probably to make big galloway, star only, from Touchstone of Rathowen (dam of Rathowen Touchwood, SHC Newcomer Galloway of the Year 2011) by Fernleigh Front Page.  


Mother & Son                                                                                 Yearling - Rathowen Touch of Fame (D. Thies)


Second foal (below) also a colt but red chestnut with a stripe and two diagonal half stockings from Considerations of Rathowen and by Kolbeach Freedom, brother to Inconsiderate.  Very classy.  Rathowen Confederate owned by Daniel Harvey.



Third, also chestnut, probably to make galloway, white star, two white sox behind, smart colt  from Royalwood Reflection and by Rathowen Right of Way.  (at two weeks  and  10 weeks).



Last but certainly not least yet another colt, bay , from Grand National runner-up large Galloway Contemplations of Rathowen by Willowcroft Regal Alliance. Very smart and good moving.  He is to go to Kim Taunton of Queensland.




2010 FOALS


A little more grown up,  Rathowen Red Alert , Supreme Riding Pony  at NSW All Breeds Foal Show.  Winner of the NSW State Titles In Hand Challenge.  SOLD



Rathowen Red Alert - weanling colt by Kolbeach Freedom x Rathowen Russet (3/4 brother to Scarlet Ribbons, Lady in Red, Red Ruffles, Ruby Red, Claret Rose, Rustic, Rudyard, etc.


2009 FOALS

Rathowen the Panther (Kolbeach Freedom x Rathowen the Pagan) - owned by Joanne Schwarbrick, Junior Champion Partbred Welsh Gelding at the NSW All Welsh show, 2011, handled by Daniel Harvey.  (Photo by Sonos Photography)


Reflections on Rathowen - 2009 filly by Rathowen Right of Way  from Royalwood Reflection (Syon Royal Portrait (Imp.) Retained.






Shoosh  (Right)- Rathowen Sounds of Silence (Kolbeach Freedom x Solitaire of Rathowen ) - chestnut 2009 filly.  Shooshie has found a new home in Queensland with Emily Myers, and we wish her all the best.




Photo (left) is Rathowen Royal Parade (Sandbourne Royal Ensign (Imp.) x Fairlight Acres Style Pattern ) last foal of our dear Patsy, dam of Rathowen Parody, Paladin, Paragon, Panache, Pageant etc.  She is now in the capable hands of the Borg Family. First show was St. Ives, where she went Supreme Riding Pony Exhibit shown capably by Alexis. 



Photo (right) is Velvet Bows (Dainhill Royal Bow x By Virtue of Rathowen) still under wraps from having tried to remove her front leg.  She is looking after Kelly Bond.




This is 2009's second last foal - Very pretty chestnut filly (no white)  foaled 6th December (when I was supposed to be at Werribee).  She is from Royalwood Reflection ( Syon Royal Portrait (Imp) x King's Cover Girl (King Cyrus TB) by Rathowen Right of Way ( Sufton Romany Lore (Imp) x Solitaire of Rathowen) (Photo left by Lorelle Mercer).   RETAINED




This morning (23.11.09) Radway Royal Sonnet (Imp.) (Sandbourne Royal Ensign (Imp.) x Brights Merry Music U.K.) presented us with a very lovely bay or brown filly by Freedom, Rathowen Sorcery, white stripe and sox, very scopey. (Photo below by Lorelle Mercer). She is in the keeping of Martine Duncan who has her half-sister the well-performed Rathowen Saxony.


She is looking after Martine Duncan !


Rathowen Lady In Red (Courtland Boy-Blue x Rathowen Russet)

15.9.09  Chestnut colt  SOLD



Rathowen Sounds of Silence - SOLD.                                                           

Solitaire of Rathowen (Syon Royal Portrait (Imp.) x Kirreway Soloist)

26.9.09  Chestnut filly


Rathowen Russet (Chippenham Architect x Kizmaha's Alzena)                     

Sister to

R. Ruby Red , R. Scarlet Ribbons, R. Lady In Red,

5.9.09 Dark liver chestnut filly ,Rathowen Claret Rose ( RETAINED)

Rathowen Free Spirit (Kolbeach Freedom x Rathowen Sepia Shadings)

owned by the Fricker Family, S.A

(Lorelle Mercer Photo 2008)


We will try to get photos of this years babies as soon as they unscrunch.

2008 Foals

Three only, thankfully the right ones.  27th November, Shades (Radway Right Royal (imp.) x Kirreway Soloist) produced a tall dark brown filly, brilliant mover, no white.  The last naturally conceived filly by Courtland Boy Blue.  Will probably be called Shades of Blue.

4.12.08  Miss Tasmania (Glenrowan Diffinity) produced a look-alike Harry colt, very nice, the image of his father as a foal.  Will probably be called Royal Blue. (SOLD)

The same day Radway Royal Sonnet (Imp.) {Sandbourne Royal Ensign x Brights Merry Music} produced the smart chestnut colt below. (SOLD).  "Freddi-Fox left last week to find his new home in Queensland with Jennifer and Angela Kyle who also own R. Storm Warning.



Photographs taken at 10weeks by Lorelle Mercer

2007 Foals

Rathowen Robed in Red (Kolbeach Freedom x Rathowen Lady In Red (Courtland Boy Blue (Imp.) x Rathowen Russet) - pretty chestnut filly, white stocking and stripe. (below).  Good mover. (SOLD)



This filly went Best Youngstock Exhibit at Brisbane Exhibition 2009 for the George Family of Queensland.


                Rathowen Narissa


Rathowen Narissa (  Courtland Boy Blue (Imp.)  x   Portia (Jan Murray) ) -bay filly, white star and snip, one white foot behind. Should mature 13.2 - 14.2 ( Photo below)  Lovely nature. Good mover. (SOLD)




Rathowen Sage ( Courtland Boy Blue (Imp.) x Salieri Girl (Salieri x Jambon Picnic (Lunchtime)) leggy  chestnut colt, star and two white sox behind. To make galloway.  Brother to Rathowen Envy, 2008 NSW SHC large Galloway of the Year.


                                          Rathowen Sage (SOLD)

Rathowen X-Factor (Courtland Boy-Blue (Imp.) x Kirreway Xina (Carolinas Cats Whiskers x TB (Piccolino) ) a leggy chestnut filly with a white stripe and stocking, sister to the very successful and good producing sire Rathowen XL.  Looks to be small galloway in the making (photo below). Very good mover. (SOLD)


SOLD:  Smart bay colt with white stripe and two white sox, from Royalwood Reflection (Syon Royal Portrait (Imp.) x King's Cover Girl (King Cyrus)). By Courtland Boy Blue (Imp.)  Looks very promising, and can move well.


                     RATHOWEN RICOCHET  (Courtland Boy Blue (Imp.) x Royalwood Reflection)                             









Another day, another filly.  This time to Radway Royal Sonnet (Imp.) (Sandbourne Royal Ensign (Imp.) x Brights Merry Music (U.K.) dam of R. Sommersette, (exp. NZ), R. Saxony, R. SummerHayes, R. Song and Dance, R. So What, R. Saratoga, R. Song Sung Blue, etc.  First foal from her by Kolbeach Freedom and she's a cracker.  Mind you, we're getting a bit confused with all the chestnut fillies.... (at three weeks old)  


                       ......And at three months old - Rathowen So Free  (below)


You win some, you lose some. The old adage of "you got livestock, you got deadstock!" is so true.  We don't know whether our "Flu" resulted in problems, not so much from the Flu itself, but the high temperatures and the deep-seated coughing can't have done any of the pregnant mares much good.  Old Skye, dam of Rathowen Storm Warning, Rathowen South Wind, Rathowen Starstruck, and the good producing Rathowen Out of the Blue,  etc., slipped a big black colt early in the piece, and Bite the Boss aka Wishful Thinking in her show days, produced a similar colt - very beautiful but with a cord twisted as you've never seen.  Our thanks to John Parbery of Hawkesbury Equine Veterinary Centre for managing to get the foal out,  dead, of course, but leaving the mare unscathed.

It looks as if Shades has also slipped - she looked enormously in foal, but suddenly deflated as the flu did the same thing.

Rathowen Free Spirit. (Kolbeach Freedom x Rathowen Sepia Shadings  -  (Langtree Valentine x Shades of Rathowen) -  chestnut filly foaled 30.11.07  Very nice. Will be 12.2, by the look of her.  Stripe, two stockings and a sock. Top Show quality. SOLD   


Rathowen Free Spirit foaled 30.11.07  at 5 days old.  (Kolbeach Freedom x Rathowen Sepia Shadings


Rathowen Free Spirit at 5 weeks old.


At three months                                                          Nearly a yearling                        Foal Show

Little Girls grow up - "TINKERBELL" (Free Spirit)

"Rathowen Free Spirit" otherwise known as Tinkerbell has gone to Andrew Buckley, Julie Tayler and Sam Heald of EB Lodge to be prepared and shown.


Rathowen Ruby Red  by Kolbeach Freedom from Rathowen Russet (Chippenham Architect x Kizmaha's Alzena) (dam of Rathowen Scarlet Ribbons (Supreme RP Exhibit 2007 Brisbane Royal, and Champion Large Pony Hack for the George Family) 2007, 2008, Rathowen Lady In Red, Rathowen Red Ruffles, Rathowen True Blue (WA), Rathowen Russell (Q), Rathowen Rustic, Rathowen Rudyard, Rathowen Dudley etc.  First foal by Kolbeach Freedom -  a bay filly up to Russet's normal standard.  Stripe, two long sox behind, two small in front. Extreme Show quality.


Rathowen Ruby Red foaled 27.10.07  at 1 week old (Kolbeach Freedom x Rathowen Russet)


At six weeks



Rathowen Ruby Red at three months old.


Foal Show - Supreme Riding Pony, Supreme Arabian Derivative, Supreme Part Welsh, Supreme Exhibit of Show

2006 Foals


Foaling finished,  the last two weeks ago a nicely marked bay colt from Springs - Rathowen Soprano of Spring (Courtland Boy Blue (Imp.) x Kirreway Soloist) by Imperial Falcon.  Very pretty, lively and energetic, with a lovely personality to make about 13.2.  He will be called Rathowen Sprightly, and will be eligible for three registrations, RPSB, Arabian Riding Pony, and Partbred Welsh, as well as Australian Saddle Pony. He is a bit of a miracle boy because Mum had the dreadful choke which resulted in five weeks at Werribee University Vet. Hospital, and surgery to remove a five inch plug of dried and tangled grass etc., from her oesophagus. 


Rathowen Spritely (Imperial Falcon x Rathowen Soprano of Spring {Courtland Boy Blue (Imp.)}) See  FOR SALE pages for older photos. (SOLD)  Photo below as two year old.


Considerations of Rathowen (Philos) (Courtland Boy Blue (Imp.) x Thoughtful Miss. This is her first foal - a liver chestnut filly by Penmarric Killarney.  She has been given the stable name of Thistle.


Rathowen In Contention (Thistle) (Penmarric Killarney x Considerations of Rathowen {Courtland Boy Blue (Imp.)} Retained.

 TouchStone (Courtland Boy Blue x Rathowen Trinket (Rathowen Bandolero)) presented us with a sensational leggy bay filly by Penmarric Killarney already nicknamed Tabitha , which looks like will be a big galloway.  Tabitha is now owned by Martine Duncan. 


Above  - Rathowen TouchWood -  Filly foal from Touchstone of Rathowen by Penmarric Killarney " Tabitha". (Photos taken at 3months by Ian.)


More photos of Tabitha taken by Lorelle.

 Old reliable, Radway Royal Sonnet (Imp.) (Sandbourne Royal Ensign (Imp.) has produced a stunner, a very elegant bright chestnut filly, tasteful white stripe and one half stocking behind - sister to Rondelay, Blueprint, Somersette (exp N.Z.), Song Sung Blue (dec.), Saratoga, Sorrento, Saxony, Song and Dance, and So What.  She will probably be called SummerHayes. Sonnet will probably  go back in foal to Kolbeach Freedom for a first foal by anything other than Courtland Boy Blue (Imp.)


Above - Filly foal from Radway Royal Sonnet (Imp.) (Sandbourne Royal Ensign x Brights Merry Music)  by Courtland Boy Blue (Imp.) "SummerHayes".

At One year old

Miss Tasmania, nicknamed Taz, whose correct name is Glenrowan Diffinity (King Lodge Court Jester x Westmoor Dignity) gave us a nearly black good sized filly by Harry, which has been called The Diva (Davinia). Owned by Mrs. Sue Lyons of Queensland.



                       Rathowen the Diva (Davinia) (Courtland Boy Blue (Imp.) x Glenrowan Diffinity).  At one year old.



2005 Foals:  


 2005 foal from Rathowen Out of the Blue (brown mare, 14.1) (Courtland Boy Blue (Imp.) x Kirreway Skye (Rotherwood Acrobat (Imp.)  In foal to Langtree Fame and Fortune.  Last Foal Rathowen Beyond Blue Champion N.S.W. State Titles and winner Riding Pony Show.   Foal born 30.10.05 - Leggy tall bay filly, no white, probably small galloway .  (Sold)  2009 brown colt for sale.

Rathowen Blue Moon  (Langtree Fame and Fortune x Rathowen Out of the Blue). (shown here as foal).

Rathowen Command Performance. (Chestnut filly, 13.3. approx.) (Manorvale Royal Commission x Fairlight Acres Style Pattern). (SOLD)

See For Sale section for further photos.

Rathowen Starstruck  (below)-  2005 foal from Kirreway Skye (black mare approx.14.3) (Rotherwood Acrobat (Imp.) x Downland Jacinth (Imp.)) To Courtland Boy Blue . Dam of Rathowen Storm Warning, R. Out of the Blue, R. Skye Blue (Exp. N.Z.), R. Skys the Limit, R. Dark Skies, R. South Wind, R. Shining, Trentlyn Sasha, Rathowen Missouri, etc. Bay or brown filly, Rathowen Starstruck, foaled 24 November, 2005, white star, blemished from fence accident..  Now owned by Double TT Stud.

Rathowen Starstruck (Courtland Boy Blue x Kirreway Skye) (now owned by Double TT Stud.)




Rathowen Marionette, as yearling. (Photograph Lorelle Mercer). SOLD.