RATHOWEN STUD              







   Jodi Allen photo


    ( from Radway Royal Sonnet (IMP))
            Winner SYDNEY Royal 2000  

 Solitaire of Rathowen (Syon Royal Portrait x Kirreway Soloist) Chestnut 13.3.   Dam of Sentinel of Rathowen (exp. N.Z.), and R. Right of Way, Rathowen Sentry, Toy Soldier and R. Sylvester, Rathowen Sounds of Silence (current SHCQ Large Pony of the Year 2013 for Miss Emily Myers, and also Supreme Ridden Riding Pony at the Queensland Riding Pony show 2013. Chest. 13.3.  Since then Shooshie (Sounds of Silence) has taken her new owner Miss Emily Myers to win Supreme Ridden Riding Pony as well a Champion Led show Pony at the Queensland Riding Pony Show.  2014 saw her take Supreme Led Saddle Pony Exhibit at Brisbane Royal, following this with Champion Novice Pony Hack and then taking the Large Pony Hack Championship from her main contender the ever reliable  Rathowen Quantum ridden by Georgia Dalley.

Considerations of Rathowen (Courtland Boy Blue X Thoughtful Miss) mahogany bay, 14.2  dam of Inconsiderate of Rathowen, Rathowen Confederate (Kolbeach Freedom)  Rathowen In Contention (Penmarric Killarney).She has been shown successfully in hand to gain  Australian Arabian Riding Pony champion, and under saddle for Champion Galloway at the Pacific Coast Hack Championships  Last season she produced a quality scopey chestnut colt foal at foot by Turberry Tom Kitten now in the hands of Mrs. Louise Wiseman and her parents who have been successfully exhibiting Rathowen Columbine.    Mahogany bay, 14.2 

Touchstone of Rathowen (Courtland Boy Blue X Rathowen Trinket) (unshown), dam of Rathowen Touchwood, Rathowen Touch of Fame (both big winners) and a lovely dark bay colt by Rathowen By George at foot (2013). Bay, 15h.  

Rathowen Dark Crystal (Courtland Boy Blue X Criquette D'Or) - Res. Champion Led RP Canberra Royal and successful under saddle.  Maiden Brood Mare Bay brown, 14.1.  Just tested in foal to Debbie Thies's Rathowen Touch of Fame.

Contemplations of Rathowen (Courtland Boy Blue X Thoughtful Miss)  - Multiple Champion both Led and Ridden, Runner-Up Grand National Large GOTY.  Dam of Contemporary of Rathowen  - Willowcroft Regal Alliance).

Royalwood Reflection (below) (Syon Royal Portrait (Imp.)) Chestnut,14h., dam of Rathowen Review (Qld.), and 2007 bay colt, unnamed. (Photo as Yearling), and also Reflections on Rathowen (retained).


Rathowen Lady In Red "Rusty" (Courtland Boy Blue X Rathowen Russet)  dam of Rathowen Robed in Red and Rathowen Red Hot. Multiple champion in Hand, Res. Champion Melbourne Summer Royal, Australian Arabian Champion both In Hand and Ridden prior to wrecking a hind-leg.  Both Champion Arabian Derivative Mare (twice) and Supreme Arabian Derivative Exhibit at Sydney Royal.   Sister to Rathowen Scarlet Ribbons, Red Ruffles, True Blue, etc.   Dark Liver chest. 13.2  Just tested in foal to Rathowen Touch of Fame.

Soliloquy of Rathowen "Lily"  (Courtland Boy Blue (Imp.) x Kirreway Soloist -  Dark Bay, 13h., dam of  the lovely Rathowen Spoken Softly (by Rathowen Right of Way)

By Virtue of Rathowen (Courtland Boy Blue X Rathowen Vision of Spring) returned after a successful show career with Michelle Panetta.  Dam of Rathowen Velvet Bows (Dainhill Royal Bow) and a very beautiful 2013 brown colt by Clancy, Rathowen V8.  A brilliant mover.  Dark bay, 12.2 

 Rathowen the Pagan (Chippenham Warrant x Fairlight Acres Style Pattern ) br. 13.2h., dam of Rathowen the Panther, Junior Champion Led Part Welsh Gelding at the NSW All Welsh Show for Mrs. Swarbrick..

Trappings of Rathowen "Torah" (Courtland Boy Blue x Nunbilla Token (Banister)) dam of Tradition of Rathowen, yet to be shown. Chest. 14h.

Keira Park Ambience  "China" (Kirreway Ambition X Keira Park Amber) dam of Arrogance of Rathowen. Bay, 13h.

Rathowen In Contention "Thistle" (Penmarric Killarney x Considerations of Rathowen (Harry )) chestnut, 15.1 h.

Youngstock retained.

Rathowen Ruby Red (Kolbeach Freedom X Rathowen Russet) - mahogany bay filly, 13.1 - Supreme Led RP Toowoomba Royal,  Champion Part Welsh Mare Sydney Royal, 2010, Supreme Led Part Welsh Exhibit Sydney Royal 2012 shown by Daniel Harvey). Currently leased and being shown by Mrs. Roseanne Bowerman.

Rathowen Claret Rose (Kolbeach Freedom x Rathowen Russet) - dark liver chestnut filly, 13h.

Reflections on Rathowen  "Rosemary" (Rathowen Right of Way x Royalwood Image) - Light chestnut filly, 13.2

Traditions of Rathowen "Dart" (Kolbeach Freedom X Trappings of Rathowen) Mahogany bay, 14h.

Rathowen Sorcery  "Sabrina"(Kolbeach Freedom X Radway Royal Sonnet (Imp.) (Dec.) Exhibited by Martine Duncan - Newcomer Small Pony NSW SHC HOTY 2013. Bay, 12.1  Winner Novice n.e. 12.2 Sydney Royal 2014 ridden by Georgia Dalley, and R/U NSW SHC Small Pony OTY.  Also R/U Ridden Small Pony Champion with Georgia at Brisbane Royal 2014. 



Retired Ladies.

 Rathowen Quibble (Radway Right Royal x Rathowen Quandary) Chestnut, 14.0.  Dam of Rathowen Quona (Wedgenock Coffee Pot (Imp.) ), Quarrel, the inimitable Quantum , Quartz (Courtland Boy Blue), and Questions (by Kolbeach Freedom). 

 *Rathowen Russet (Chippenham Architect x Kizmaha’s Alzena) Liver Chestnut, 14.0.  Dam of Rathowen Dudley, R. True Blue, R. Lady in Red, R. Russell, R. Rustic, and Rathowen Scarlet Ribbons, Red Ruffles, Rudyard, Rathowen Ruby Red, Rathowen Claret Rose and Rathowen Red Alert (by Rathowen By George).

Glenrowan Diffinity (King Lodge Court Jester x Westmoor Dignity) (photo below).  Now owned by Jaimie Allotta who rode her for us,  for her daughter Skye.  Bl./brown, 13h, dam of Rathowen the Diva, owned by Mrs. Sue Lyons and currently performing well in the Open showring, winning at Brisbane Royal, and going Ridden Champion elsewhere.  She was Supreme at the Gold Coast show in Queensland and also Supreme Led Mare of Murwillumbah show. Also Dam of Rathowen Royal Blue (Courtland Boy Blue).  Diva has just foaled a black colt by Turberry Tom Kitten (Imp)


Rathowen Out of the Blue (Courtland Boy Blue x Kirreway Skye) Brown, 14.1 Dam of Rathowen Beyond Blue (pictured below), Rathowen Blue Moon, Rathowen Blue Buttons. (now owned by Mrs. Debbie Pratten).


Kept memories.

We have been breeding Arabians, Arabian Derivatives, and Part Welsh for a long time, and over the years some of our "old faithfuls" have now passed on.  Most have left memorable representatives in the stud. RIP, my beautiful girls. 

 *Radway Royal Sonnet (Imp.) (Sandbourne Royal Ensign x Brights Merry Music). Chestnut. 12.2  Dam of Rathowen Rondelay, Blue Print, Somersette (exp. N.Z,) , Sorrento, Song Sung Blue (dec.), Saratoga, Song and Dance, Saxony, Rathowen So What, Rathowen SummerHayes, Rathowen So Free, R. Something Special, Rathowen Sorcery.  Saxony has just been tested early pregnant to Royalwood boy Soprano.

Rathowen Soprano of  Spring (Courtland Boy Blue (Imp.) x Kirreway Soloist) br/bl. 14h, dam of Rathowen Sprightly, Suspicions of Spring.  We nursed the sweet and successful Springs through her ongoing fight with "choke" but eventually and regretfully let her go.

*Kirreway Skye   (Rotherwood Acrobat (Imp.) x Downland Jacinth (Imp.)) Black, l4.3.  Dam of Trentlyn Sasha, Rathowen Misouri, Shining, Skye Blue (exp. N.Z.), Out of the Blue, Shadows, Storm Warning, Sky’s the Limit, South Wind, Sunrise, Starstruck, Winter Sun, etc.

Koora-Lyn Jessica (dam of Rathowen Jeremiah, Jemima, Joshua, Jacinta, Jiminy, etc. Grey, 12.2

Fairlight Acres Style Pattern (Rotherwood Acrobat (Imp.) x Kirreway Lana (Rotherwood Commander (Imp.)) Brown, l3.1.  Dam of R. In Style, R. Patriarch, R. Patch of Blue, R. Pageant, R. Parody, R. Paragon, R. Paladin, R. the Pagan, and R. Panache., R. Command Performance. Rathowen Royal Parade, and also  of Deanhills Royal Show.

Thoughtful Miss (Consider Me x Mortal Vixen)  .  What a brood mare - dam of Considerations, Reflective, Pensive, Contemplations, and Confusions - all Grand National qualifiers.  Dark bay, 15.2

 *Kirreway Xina (Carolinas Cats Whiskers x Pickled T.B. by Piccolino Imp.) Brown, 14.1.  Dam of XL, XTC, XS, Xcalibur etc., X-Factor.

 *Kirreway Soloist (Rotherwood Acrobat (Imp.) x Downland Songster (Imp.)) Black/ Brown, nearly 14.1.  Dam of Feature, Signature, Shades, Solitaire, Soliloquy, Solomon, SoHo, Solitude, Soprano of Spring, etc.

Nunbilla Token (Bannister x Eurunderee Image) Chestnut, 14.3, dam of Rathowen Trinket (by Bannister +ch.) , Trappings of Rathowen.....

 Rathowen Rowena (Bannister x Kizmaha’s Alzena) Chestnut, l4.2

Rathowen Bannima (Bannister x Ralvon Imda) Chestnut, l4.2


 *Criquette D’Or (by King Cyrus) Bay, l5.2.  (Dec.) Dam of Coronet, Castanets (renamed Rathowen Electra ( N.S.W, Galloway of the Year 2002, photo below), Cassandra, Dark Crystal , Criterion, Cartel, Rathowen Crackerjack, and the bright chestnut Rathowen Credentials.